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Design studio for Brand culture & Communication


Über in the headroom GmbH

in the headroom is young at heart, yet rich in experience. Professionally, they are a design studio for brand culture and communication based in Austria. Creatively, they are an ever-growing dynamic collective.

As multipliers and makers, in the headroom provides services that are brainy yet conceptual, witty yet methodical, spirited yet effective, artsy yet campaign-minded.
They interpret the heart and soul of a brand
to find the perfect face and voice.

in the headroom is creatively curated by Mark Grünberger and Alexander Kofler, who look back on many years of experience as creative and art directors.
Rounding out the lead team, project manager and brand expert Silvia Thaler’s wealth of experience, both in a leading position in corporate communications and as a lecturer for marketing communications, provides the strategic foundation.

Today, in the headroom has eight team members. Together, they are not afraid of corporate thinking to create global player concepts with loving attention for the detail while keeping the big picture in mind.
To be able to do so, a substantial number of local, domestic and international partners is essential.

Collaborative creative partners include Fabien Constant, Jacob Sutton, Stefan Krösbacher, Mario Schmolka, Gerhard Merzeder, Raphael Just, Armin Morbach, edgy circle, Kim Solveig May, Ben Lukas Boysen, Thomas De Monaco, makamuri, Indlekofer + Knoepfl, Christoph Sagel, Philip Karlberg, Raven and Finch Sound Branding, Marcus Ohlsson, Bruno Aveillan, Vincent Peters, Magnus Marding and many others.

References from both B2B and B2C include fashion and jewellery, cosmetics, interior & lighting, architecture, culture & tourism.


Design studio for Brand culture & Communication
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