Lina Alejandra Barragan
Video-Photo-grapher / Graphic Designer / Cultural Manager / Interfaces Artist

Lina Alejandra Barragan

Über Lina Alejandra Barragan

She has worked professionally as a graphic designer, audio-visual producer and director, creative writing and translator, photographer, animator, videographer and cameraman, in educational, academic, institutional, commercial, corporate projects, etc., carried out in different companies such as Direct TV, Starbucks Coffee Company, Falabella, Archies, Jeno’s Pizza, the Secretary of Education of Bogotá, Unicef, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, the Juan N. Corpas University Foundation, the Legal Option Corporation, COFFEE & COFFEE LLC, HEDRA SAS, ArtBo, the Luis Ángel Arango Library, the Banco de la República Museum, Bogotá Platform, 45 National Artists Hall, the Colombo American Center of Bogotá, the Visual Arts Museum of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, The Blue House, among others. She has expanded her knowledge towards teaching in working with children as a training artist, and as a jury in the development of scientific projects. She, in turn, as a curator, researcher, producer and manager of art, architecture, science and technology projects.

She is a restless and committed person at work, with great fascination for the creation, research, experimentation, production and management of artistic projects and pieces for different multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary environments thanks to her technical knowledge in image and video editing programs. She has excellent creative, investigative, propositional skills and aptitudes to form and lead projects and work teams.

In her career as an individual artist, she has exhibited and participated in projects at a national level and in countries such as Spain, Portugal, the United States, Bulgaria, Mexico, Italy, Ljubljana, Peru, China and Russia.

Co—founder and co—director of Blazar: Interactive Ecosphere in art, architecture, science and technology. Co—founder and co—director of Oso de Anteojos Films: Audiovisual production company. She was co-director of Reactante: Catalyst agent and generator of alternative practices focused on experimentation, research, creation, curatorship and visibility of processes that interrelate art, science and technology in Colombia, participating as a creator, curator, manager and researcher., in projects carried out at El Dorado Airport, the Mexican Embassy, the Goethe-Institut Kolumbien, the National Museum of Colombia, the Colpatria Tower, the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation (FUGA), Bogotá Platform, the Universidad de los Andes; Voltage, 5th Hall of Art and Technology (Textura Creative Center) and Studio 74.

Her artistic material starts from science, addressing concepts around quantum physics, reactions between elements, states of consciousness, reality, existence, perception, speed, light, darkness, movement, among others, through analog and digital media and interfaces, with audiovisual, electronic and plastic multimedia languages. She has a particular interest in altering/distorting reality in real time.


Video-Photo-grapher / Graphic Designer / Cultural Manager / Interfaces Artist
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