“We burn for our passion, even when it’s wet and cold”


Über FATWOOD.media

FATWOOD /ˈfætˌwʊd/,
1. A heartwood of stone pine trees, impregnated with resin,
useful for starting a fire, even under wet conditions.
2. Also known as “kindling” “maya stick”, “lightwood” or “heart pine”,
in the old days also commonly used as “the candle-light of the lower class”.
3. The essence for a warm and recovering campfire
when spending days, or quite possibly weeks out in the nature,
chasing for the best pictures, moments and tackling tough tasks.

FATWOOD.media stands for blazing photo and film productions,
from the wide open sea up to the freaking Himalayas!
We are a collective of highly specialized visual artists,
video editors, graphic designers and editorial journalists,
focused on superior media productions beyond the accessible.
Based in the heart of the Alps and at home across the globe!

  • “We burn for our passion, even when it’s wet and cold”


“We burn for our passion, even when it’s wet and cold”
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byoand byoand
Grafikdesign, Webdesign, CMS/wordpress, UI/UX, saas
Köln (Deutschland) 31.05.2018
Meraner & Hauser OHG Meraner & Hauser OHG
Photography – Postproduktion – CGI
Bozen (Italien) 28.02.2018
Flo Smith Flo Smith
…candid & pure reportage photography, with a decent pinch of rock ’n roll!
Innsbruck 02.02.2018

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