Victor Neustetter
Film and Advertising Director – Regie/Production/Project Management/Creative Copy

Victor Neustetter

Über Victor Neustetter

Austrian / South African based Movie Director and Entrepreneur, Victor Neustetter, can be recognised by his interaction with his teams. His strategy has been to harness the creative and technical power of others to create a holistic and real expression from what was a seed of imagination. This collaborative effort has allowed Victor to experiment with many different styles of directing allowing for a kaleidoscope of outcomes to emerge. “All must feel it to have been their own idea…” is a method that ensures that anyone working under Victor produces above what is expected willingly. The flexibility of being able to swing from fine planning to harnessing ad-hock creative spurts is that what merges the process driven individual and the cognitive explorer into one.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the 26 May 1986, Victor Neustetter attended the Deutsche Schule zu Johannesburg from 1992 to 2004. He then graduated from AFDA with a Directing&Writing for Motion Picture Bachelors Degree in 2007. In the past 6 years Victor Neustetter has been exploring many facets of industry and researching human interaction, relationships and emotions within Africa. Now stationed in Vienna the main collaborations he currently finds himself exploring are with various austrian based artists, freelance film makers and writers, the gorilla marketing group – 4bc and occasionally music video and advert directing work for AHOY-Films still within Africa to produce an array of independent work.


Film and Advertising Director – Regie/Production/Project Management/Creative Copy
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