Sarah-Lisa Hleb Illustration
Digitale Illustrationen und Character Design

Sarah-Lisa Hleb Illustration


Über Sarah-Lisa Hleb Illustration

Hey there, I’m Sarah-Lisa and I’m a freelance illustrator based in Klagenfurt, Austria.

As an illustrator specialized in digital illustration and character design I help advertising agencies, companies and animation studios with colorful illustrations and lively and funny characters to enhance their campaigns, products, movies or games and make them special.

My weapon of choice is Photoshop but I’m experienced in different softwares and I’m also flexible when it comes to my drawing style. I also love to improve my skills with different workshops or classes because I have the constant need to learn new things.

In my five years as an senior artist in the agency Team Rottensteiner, where I also did some project management and art direction beside my daily illustration work, I was working with clients such as like Red Bull Ring/Projekt Spielberg, Afro Coffee and famous Austrian children’s book writer Thomas Brezina.


  • Illuskills class „Media Illustration“ (2010)
  • Schoolism online class „Gesture Drawing“ (2015)
  • Schoolism online class „Fundamentals of Lighting“ (2017)
  • Bachelor in business administration in Klagenfurt, Austria – specialized in marketing and media management


Digitale Illustrationen und Character Design
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