Robert Lunak e.U.
Stilllife and allround photographer based in vienna

Robert Lunak e.U.

Über Robert Lunak e.U.

Robert Lunak comes from a technical background, after finishing his studies of radio frequency electronics he specialised further into that area of expertise. Next to his technical life he lived another, even more creative life, playing music and writing. Altough it took some years before he could afford a camera and lenses he was interested in photography for his whole life. His first job after university finally provided enough money to start his photography carreer. Right after he bought his first professional camera he had his first job doing some press work for his former company. There he was spotted and immediatly started shooting products and commercials. His love and passion lies in product and commercial photography but working with human beeing, taking portraits of them and working with them to get the best out of them is a really big part of his professional career. When asking clients and colleagues about Robert, his calm, fun and professional attitude comes to mind first, working with him on set always turns out to be fun but still the results are perfect, technically as well as content wise. His technical background provides him with deep understanding of aspects of products which results in short briefings and low to no feedback rounds. This saves time and money as well as keeps stress levels low. Recently moving pictures are playing a big role in his work as well, video and film provides a new challenge all over again.

Robert Lunak works nationally as well as internationally

For technical aspects and information please contact him directly, to see his visual creations check out the work section


Stilllife and allround photographer based in vienna
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