Amr Ebeid
Orignially a pharmacist but I followed my passion and I am a photographer now


Über Amr Ebeid

My story may is very interesting, I am very enthusiastic because now I am doing what I love and what i like, I left my fixed job to do what I like and what I love.

My CV will not be as a big value here as I have worked after my graduation from the faculty of pharmacy Alexandria university in Egypt in many sales and marking positions in Egypt as well as in Saudi Arabia. The last position I had was Group Product Manager for CVS and CNS unit in the second largest pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia which called “Tabuk pharmaceuticals”.

During my long carrier I have many millstones but the biggest which I am very proud of is: I had managed to successfully launch 8 products in 3 years (with my team) capturing huge relative market share during my work in “Tabuk Pharmaceuticals”.

I have started my carrier directly after graduation by working as street pharmacy, then worked in “MSD” and “Abbott” in sales positions but my life passion was and still the marking, so I shifted my carrier to Marking in one of the biggest company in Egypt called “Mash Premier” after gaining the experience I got an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia where I jumped in the marketing ladder until reaching the position of Group product manager.
Along my long carrier pathway, I worked on many different product portfolio (as sales and marking as well) starting from Ophthalmology products, through the Derma products ad Sun creams and Shampoos, passing through the OTC products ending with very sophisticated products like the CNS and CVS products.

I have many other tasks and side jobs I have already done like being the Head of the “Annual meeting” organization team (Tabuk) for four years, Establishing CNS unit (Tabuk) selected to represent KSA in the NPD “New Packaging Design” team for the whole company worldwide (Tabuk) and many others.

But after all this journey I discovered that photography is what I wanted to do, so I quitted everything and focused on photography

  • January 2018, I took my license for photography.
  • March 2018 started a photoshooting project with Airbnb (my Airbnb experiences in Vienna).
  • April 2018, I have launched my website.

I am working with Lightroom perfectly and good with Photoshop.


Orignially a pharmacist but I followed my passion and I am a photographer now
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