Sclable Business Solutions GmbH
Sclable // Business Application Development. Accelerated.

Sclable Business Solutions GmbH
  • Gründung 2012
  • Mitarbeiter 10—19
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Über Sclable Business Solutions GmbH

Companies need to adapt faster and faster to inner and outer changes. Applications supporting company’s processes need to be just as flexible.

At Sclable, we empower organisations to build their own business applications to adapt to new challenges, flexibly and fast. We show them how to build upon what they have built before. By radically rethinking technology, we developed an engine that knows to program. Based on a domain model that represents your business knowledge, it generates a living application that can be changed fast any time, in real time.


Sclable // Business Application Development. Accelerated.
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A-1050 Wien
Ansprechpartner Martin Sirlinger
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14.05.2014 (aktualisiert )

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