Robert Ladkani

Robert Ladkani
  • Akademischer Grad Master of Arts
  • Tätig seit 2003

Über Robert Ladkani

After graduating with a BA in multimedia design at the SAE technology college & Middlesex University, Robert started his career at the Viennese design agency Media Art Compagnie.

Here he gained first working experiences in different media formats such as corporate design, interactive media and image film.

In 2003 he decided to become a freelance graphic designer. Beside his activities in classical print and corporate design he intensified his knowlege in webdesign & animation and was commissioned for several flash- and screendesign projects both for design agencies and small-middle sized companies in Austria, Germany and Swisserland.

Following a strong passion for film and motion graphics design, in 2008 he entered a design course at the Kingston University London and
graduated with a MA for screendesign & motion graphics.

For the webproject Orange Sound, Robert was featured by various design magazines such as Netdiver, Crossmind and New Web Pick.

In 2009 he received an Inbook award at D&AD for his web-fundraising concept for the 15 BELOW project.


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A-1050 Wien
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29.11.2006 (aktualisiert )

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