Elena Penni
Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Photography

Elena Penni
  • Akademischer Grad Bachelor Degree in Idust

Über Elena Penni

My name is Elena Penni and I have just completed my B.A. Degree in Industrial Design.
I attended Industrial Design Courses at ISIA Florence University and I have always been a committed student.
I currently live in Salzburg and I’m learning German. I recently met Mr. Martin Prossinger, who told me about your Company, praising your professionalism and excellence in the field of Graphics and Communication Design, which I could see personally on your website. I found your work extremely accurate and pleasant, with a touch of contemporary style.
During my studies I had the opportunity to discover interesting aspects of Design, and, in my opinion, it can improve people’s lives. This, in fact, is the reason why I want to follow this path ad I have always been deeply interested in environment, ecology and respect for our planet.
I worked on an internal project during my Courses concerning mobility, which is unfortunately underdeveloped in Florence, aimed at increasing the use of bicycles in our city centre.
I also dealt with a project in cooperation with Ariete, a well-known Italian Company producing appliances.
On this occasion I decided to produce a machine in eco-friendly material for the domestic production of vegetable milk, baby food and so on.
I had the opportunity to participate in a-seven-day workshop organized by the City of Trieste.
We had to visit the City and get to know it has thoroughly as possible, talking with citizens but also with tourists. This helped understand how people live in Trieste, what they love but also what they dislike about the City and gather their suggestions to improve services. My colleagues and I created a communication plan for Trieste. We worked as a team, projecting various aspects of the City’s identity such its Logo, the street maps for both citizen and tourists, an interactive system for tourist information. I learnt a lot thanks to this experience and I also familiarized with team work.
For my final dissertation, I decided to develop a project about an issue very dear and important to me: The Right of Animals. I approached these project by providing a social campaign in cooperation with the Italian Association for the Rights of Animals. I was extremely satisfied with my project and received high grades.
The project was about designing seven advertising posters for which I managed both the visual element as well as the copyrighting. In addiction to the development of the advertisement, I also designed the visual identity of the project, including the Logo and communication strategies. I also realized a series of gadgets to help divulge this campaign. I have also worked for three months as an intern in a graphic design studio near Florence.
Thanks to this experience I worked in the field of Interior Design collaborating with the designers and fitting out a number of offices in important Milanese Companies.
I have also many interests: photography, sculpture, drawing, physics, chemistry. I also love to work with different types of materials such as wood, clay and anything which can be modeled.
I am extremely interested in the field of new materials and I have done research on the new generation of eco-friendly materials and composite materials, such as carbon and glass fibre.
I obtained very high grades during my course related to production technology, the study of material and applied physiques to my project.
I have team working skills, and I enjoy collaborating actively with other students.

During my bachelor studies I attended courses in communication design, product design, space, audiovisual and digital media, and I also took part in workshops and conferences about interaction design and brand communication.

Thanks to my studies I feel I have learned a lot and be happy with my results, but I feel the need to improve my knowledge and my experience.


Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Photography
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