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Junior Interior Designer


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Hello, my name is Amir Halder and I am a young Interior Designer from Austria. I can start in August 2017 because at the moment I have to do my community service for a non-profit organisation called Caritas.
This June, I graduated with distinction from a higher technical college in Austria, with a major in Interior Design and Furniture Design.
In school I had theoretical and practical training as interior designer. A special aspect of my education is that I also had practical training in the schools own modern carpentry. This gave me the opportunity to see the WHOLE process of interior design – from draft to production.
I use AutoCAD and Artlantis Studio to draw and visualize my projects on the computer. I also learned to work with special carpenter computer programs like CAD+T and I am also able to program a CNC machine.
I am a really open minded person so it’s no problem for me to work in a new Team and to get in contact with others. I take assignments seriously and put my whole effort into them to reach the best. Interior design is not just a job for me, it’s my passion.
I am in the early stage of the career with a big dream, to excel in the field of interior design and I hope your company gives me a chance to do the first step.

Kind regards

Amir Halder


Junior Interior Designer
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