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Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

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At Wristbanditz, we combine NFC technology and smart wearables to create powerful experiences.

We are looking for a creative freelance all-rounder (Video Production/Graphic Design / Video Editing) who is eager to welcome a challenge of creating something cool together. We are looking for someone with a witty style that would fit our company’s vibe.

The challenge is: To create a cool video for our brand, something that catches the attention and conveys what we do. Perhaps, something like this:

Required experience and skills

General understanding of digital trends and new technologies.
Capable of understanding our brand needs.
Video production
Storytelling image & animated videos
The conception of TV commercials & product videos
Animation & Graphic design

If you are interested, please provide some info on your experience and why you’d be a great fit for this work.

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