Skilled Copywriter & Translator En-Ge Needed

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

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At Wristbanditz, we combine NFC technology and smart wearables to create powerful experiences.

We are looking for a journalism student, copy and content writer who can support on writing content for our website. You should be also able to translate text from English to German. We are looking for someone with a witty style that would fit our company\’s vibe.

Additionally, we might need support on writing content for flyers and brochures, social media and other marketing materials.

Required experience and skills

  • Student of journalism with native German and perfect English skills
  • General understanding of digital trends and new technologies.
  • Understanding of optimization of text for SEO
  • Capable of understanding our brand needs.

If you are interested, please provide some info on your experience and why you\’d be a great fit for this work.

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Ansprechpartner Anet Londova
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