Concept Artist (Hard Surface)
Bongfish GmbH

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

We’re looking for a Concept Artist passionate about everything hard surface – vehicles, weapons, props, etc. You will leverage your in-depth knowledge of and interest for mechanics and functionality to create strinkingly realistic new assets, where wear and scratches are placed in the right place and at the right amount. In collaborating with developers, you will ensure your assets are designed well both artistically and for gameplay.

You excel at realism and have a strong understanding of scale, proportion, and surface properties
You master relevant software packages such as Maya, Photoshop, Substance, Zbrush
You love making and playing games
Ideally you have already shipped a AAA game

Qualifikation Berufserfahrung
Arbeitszeit Vollzeit
Einsatzort 8010 Graz, Steiermark (nur vor Ort)
Bewerbungsart nur per Bewerbungsformular
Bongfish GmbH

Ansprechpartner Isabelle Marguin Efremovski

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