Lead Designer Product Graphics f/m Kiska GmbH

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

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“Transforming ideas into graphics and finishes that bring physical objects to life is really rewarding.”
André, Designer

With a focus on organising the creative process, this role is ideal for the at-heart creative who thrives on leadership (whether that be personnel- or project-based). If you’ve already led a creative team it will be no big issue for you to balance the responsibilities of project ownership with the daily tasks of team management.The projects range from motorcycle colour and trim collections to sporting goods.

Day-to-day, you’ll give creative direction, inspire and motivate your team. You’ll participate in meetings, receive and create briefings, as well as understand project scopes (and your team’s ability to deliver). With all of this information on-hand, you’ll be able to inform your design team about the goals of every project.

To create real impact for brands, you’ll need:

  • A background in a high-level creative role, like art direction, preferably in the field of product graphics.
  • Experience in leading a creative team (and all of the organisational skills that requires).
  • Great communication skills as you will be the main contact between your team, the client and other project stakeholders.
  • English fluency (though German skills are an asset).

The Austrian government requires us to state the MINIMUM annual salary for every position. In this case it is € 55,000.00. Since we always tailor salary packages to market rates, your experience and your education, please don’t take that number too seriously!

Qualifikation Berufserfahrung, leitend
Einsatzort 5081 Anif
Bewerbungsart nur per Bewerbungsformular
Kiska GmbH

Anif (Salzburg)
Ansprechpartner Martina Winkler
Web www.kiska.com/careers/#ksp/work-at-KISKA/Lead-Designer-Product-Graphics
07.08.2017 (aktualisiert )

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