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Kumar, Hema


Design an simple word, which denotes the entire thing. Design can’t be determined as single or unique basis, we can visualize the design in any objects/elements we saw, like advertisements, branding, logo, digital media, web media contents, and more. So design is the basic factor required for any industry, institutions, business. Design means graphics design, web design, illustrations, etc., but the destined implementation is same for all. Why everyone prefer design is that design representing the ideas and methods in an very easiest way than contents and explanations so design will be the only best for implementations to the targeted audience. Web Design is an web page oriented design works. Graphics Design is the design visuals what we used to see everyday. There are many things would be consider for graphics design like color structures which denotes the product’s history and brand’s history, texts which denotes the brands and reach the target audiences, theme which denotes the products and more. So there are many factors helps to design.
Invokes Technologies (an software training institute in chennai

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